This is not my comic, nor my translation–Tenmen gets full credit for that (and please check out her blog, Tea in Translation–it’s a great resource! ). Nevertheless, it features good old Lord Fumai and some of the history of the Izumo domain, of which Matsue was the capital. Fumai’s love of tea (and its tools) still reigns strong in this region.


Matsudaira Fumai was a famous tea master of the Edo period and lord of Matsue. You can get an idea of his love for tea from this comic. Remember, it is read from right to left.

He Didn’t Show It….

Asahi Tanba: Lord, the treasury is completely empty.
Matsudaira Fumai: Hmmm… How to restore the funds of the country…?

MF: I recommend raising the land tax, complete austerity, and promoting new industies.
AT: Yes, my lord.

AT: Lord, the treasury is full!
MF: Well done. Since we have the money, maybe I’ll buy that tea bowl I’ve been wanting.

AT: The treasure is empty….
MF: Hehe.

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