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Recall that Susano-o was banished for picking on his older sister, the sun goddess.
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Happy Year of the Snake!

Rather than sending Christmas cards, the custom in Japan is to send nengajou: New Years greeting cards. While not necessarily so, they typically feature the Chinese zodiac animal for the upcoming year.

What better way to celebrate the passing of the Year of the Dragon to the Year of the Snake than with everyone’s favorite eight-headed serpent? The Yamata-no-Orochi made his (their?) home out here in the San’in region, after all! Consider this a preview for the next installment in my Kojiki-retelling, which I plan on starting in late January or sometime in February.

Until then, there are plenty of New Year firsts to keep me busy. In the spirit of Japan’s most important holiday, let’s welcome this year with special attention to the first sunrise, our first smiles, and our first dreams~

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