This is a famous art museum that many visitors to Japan have heard of. After all, it has the top ranked Japanese garden 12 years running! Its prestine landscape makes a strong impact in any season and weather, and the building is designed such that you can view and appreciate it from different angles as if it were a painting or hanging scroll.

Art? Oh yes, there’s that too! Really, there is more to Adachi Museum of Art than just the garden, although it does tend to steal a lot of the show.

Besides Yokoyama Taikan, whose landscapes influences the garden’s design, there are a number of works of fine art, including some expectedly sweet Taisho and Showa era illustrations aimed at children (my friend who I usually go to Adachi with is a big fan). Although I always love a good nihonga (Japanese style painting) of birds and flowers and although I am a big fan of the collection of Uemura Shoen‘s Meiji~Showa period portraits of women in kimono, the part of the museum I find most inspiring is the annex with the contemporary Japanese paintings, which has introduced me to artists like Mori Midori and Miyakita Chiori. I’ve brought home postcards of both their works.

Alas, taking photos of the artwork is frowned upon, so instead I just have some summer snapshots of the garden to share with you.