This is just based off my observation, but even though vocal power seemed to be encouraged in all of the martial arts I’ve tried or seen, none of them can top the yelling that goes on in kendo. All the most vocal power to them.

Naginata kyuu tests, at least here in my block, take place about once a year following a local competition (think belt test, only you don’t get a new colored belt to wear). They test you on a certain set of exercises depending on which level you’re testing for, with the strictness of the judges of course increases with each higher level you aim for. They often include engi, a set of attacks and blocks done in a pair. When making a strike, whether in routine group practice, sets in pairs, or in sparring, you always call out the name of your attack so that judges know that you made the strike with intent rather than fluke.

Dan levels count upward, but kyuu levels beneath them start at 5 and then work their way up to 1. Adults start testing at 3, so I attained 3-kyuu after almost a year of practice. This was drawn during preparation for my 2-kyuu test last September.