While walking home one day, I noticed a big white moth lying on the pavement. I think moths are pretty, so I stopped to observe it. Almost immediately, it started running towards my shoe and hopped on.

My shoe is not a flower, little friend!

I can’t imagine what the people in the cars driving by must have thought of the American stopping to take a picture of her shoe. I tried to shake it off, but it wouldn’t budge, so I tried to burshed it off with my hand, and then it started crawling on my hand. With much coaxing, I got it to hang on to a willow branch instead. Though I wouldn’t take it home with me or anything, it was fun to get a good look at it.

I notice a lot of different white moths the region, and instead of having a destination, many of them just seem to hang in the air. There is nothing like coming across a grove of sunlit blue hydrangea in the forest and seeing the air flicker with white moths. The frustrating thing is that it’s the kind of exchanting moment that isn’t captured very well by photography!

Uh… no, not sure how the car got there… following the exchanted moths, maybe?

Other times they are more blended in the surroundings, and only in enjoying those surroundings do you notice them. For example, this white moth, as well as a slightly smaller one in a different shape, were both chilling out on this flight of sunspotted shrine steps.

Other times they’re much more noticeable among their surroundings.

Am I strange for enjoying the moths so much? There are also plenty of butterflies of different colors and sizes, and many of the big black ones remind me of lace. I also enjoy spotting lizards–and once even a little frog!–on the steps up to my apartment and around the outside walls. To try to tie this entry together a bit instead of just posting every animal encouter that lasted long enough get a photo, I have just a couple more white animal favorites from here in Matsue.

This isn’t the only migratory swan I’ve seen–Lake Shinji is a favorite spot for them, and sometimes you see crowds of them (though I was never close enough to get a picture). I haven’t seen them much around the shores with more human activity, though, so it was a surprise one day while I was eating lunch by the northeast boardwalk and it calmly and silently paddled by, against the waves.

This other encounter was while walking through Kyomise, a charming little shopping district in Matsue south of the castle.

I had never noticed cats in that store before, but then again, the doors are usually open–perhaps they only prowl when the shop is closed!