Being a ninja of sorts is just part of the job description when it comes to relaying information, though this is more likely what she’s referring to, as the extra posters were to be found all over Matsue for a time. People I know also catch sight of me on traffic safety promotion posters, too. That’s not to mention how much media exposure I have in newpaper articles, pretty much every TV channel here, and being a semi-regular radio personality.

I sometimes think I should add “being a celebrity” to my list of CIR job tasks. Not that I’m complaining, but being so well recognized makes it a little hard to be a ninja sometimes.

Plus, when we–who certainly are not professional models–had fun taking pictures that day, we had no idea how many places we’d encounter our own faces. For instance, we’re on the cover this month’s Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)’s newletters which ran a feature article about the roles of CIR in general around Japan. We are now the face of ninja–I mean, CIRs–everywhere!