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Mixing up “L” and “R” is the classic example of difficulty Japanese people have when learning English, but it doesn’t usually affect the meaning if everything else is correct. Let’s not dwell on the trouble people have with English. I can tell you a long list of mistakes I–and other students–have made in Japanese over the years instead, like “yes, I’ve studied this since China” (chuugoku) instead of “since middle school” (chuugakkou). The worst part is I’ve done this more than once! I know the difference, but every so often the other will edge its way into my otherwise normal conversation.

But that’s okay, language-learners! You can’t progress if you’re not willing to make mistakes. And what’s the fun of communicating in another language if we don’t have these little stories from time to time? It keeps us all human.

Just try not to order tanks instead of tea or compliment babies for how scary they are.