Still on vacation for now, but here’s a little preview of things to come this year, especially in a few upcoming Kojiki (and otherwise!) manga renditions.
UPDATE: Start reading the Kunibiki, the legend of land-pulling!

(See last year’s Yamata-no-Orochi themed card here.)

The Year of the Snake is on its way out and the Year of the Horse is taking its place. I have plans to visit more parts of Shimane and Tottori prefectures this year, though life in Matsue will keep me just as busy as always, I’m sure.

Speaking of busy, one thing I’ve been terribly delayed on is answering the question for the Liebster Awards from Kawaii Kuni, Cutenippon, and I’ll Make It Myself!. I’m honored, and have nominated a few other other blogs to honor, too! You can see the nominations and such here.


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Kunibiki: The Land Pulling Legend
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