Autumn was very busy for me, and I had so much scheduled that I didn’t get to use my flextime hours very quickly! My schedule is based on requests for presentations and lectures, school and community center visits, translations and interpreting jobs, and anything else that may require a Japanese-speaking American. It keeps life interesting, and I never get in a rut because pretty much every month is busy with different kinds of work.

I’ve taken short trips here and there throughout the year, but I’m taking a longer vacation this time for a few holidays coming up, and I don’t expect to have much WordPress access. Therefore, for the next few weeks, please forgive the excessive use of little doodles and comics about my daily life in the San’in region. I’ll be back in mid-January to reply to comments and return visits to new visitors. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season in your respective cultures (and then some) and see you next year!