August 30th, 2013, marks one year since my first post.

Thank you all very much for reading, following, commenting, and sharing! Or as we’d say in the Izumo dialect, だんだん (dan-dan)!

It’s been an exciting year so far living in the shadows of old Japan, especially between Matsue Castle and Izumo Taisha. Besides my general training and indulgence in Japanese culture, there have been experiences unique to this region, such as the Dojo sukui dance, and I’ve just started posting a third Kojiki retelling in English language manga form. The plan is to update that every two weeks, as had been the pattern with the previous two.

That said, sorry for the lack of anything special for the thank-you picture. Artistically, I’ve been tied up with a couple of lanterns for the Suitoro Lantern Festival around Matsue Castle (all through the month of October), There are very cool international exchanges happening I’m quite pleased to be a part of, but there may be more Buri-koma (comics about my daily life) than usual for the next month or so while I’m tied up with that!

Still, I would like to try to keep a good mix of content on here. Over the past year I’ve gained a wealth of interesting (and sometimes trivial) knowledge about the San’in region, which is apparent whenever someone comes to visit and I start talking their ears off. As far as how the blog is doing, thanks to all of you, it’s exceeded both 12,000 hits and 100 watchers in the first year.

I caught my own kiriban (not that there was one)! I wonder if anyone still offers prizes for catching those?

Thank you! Dan-dan!!