Millions of people on summer vacation around the world will be packed into cars soon and carried across miles and miles–or kilometers and kilometes–of road, faced with hours and hours of boredom, cramped quarters, and crankiness. Out of those millions, there will be a handful of lucky people who will be drive along the coast of the Sea of Japan, and out of the weariness of being the road, they will suspect they are hallucinating when they spot a giant pink octopus.

Rejoice, parents of small children (and anyone else in touch with their inner child)! Behind the strip of restrooms and restaurants, there is a jungle gym!

And a roller slide!

And was that a dinosaur? Yes, that was a dinosaur.

There is more general playground equipment not pictured here–you’ll either have to imagine it or experience it for yourself. Should this excitement happen to wear you out, there is also a covered gazebo overlooking the view of the sea, though there are a number of vantage points around the hill tucked behind Akasaki district’s rest stop by the port. It used to be a town of its own until merging with Kotoura (which is still small town).

Ah, Tottori. Least populated prefecture, most epic rest stop.