On my way home one very temperate day I passed by Shirakata Tenmangu, a major shrine on the south side of Matsue. Little did I ever notice before that there was a popular skatepark across the street from the shrine! Continuing on to the north side of town, I passed through Suetsugu Park across from city hall, and discovered Matsue’s local team of slackers, “Trippin.” Slacklining is similar to tightroping, but because the nylon rope isn’t so tight you can bounce and perform a variety of tricks. This has been a worldwide competition sport for about three years now, and the dedicated Matsue slackers–a few of whom are rather advanced with their tricks–borrows elementary school gyms in cold weather and public spaces in warm weather almost every weekend.

Hmm… on second thought, a slower .gif might have been easier to look at.

Although my attempts were less than impressive, they let me try it out, and are happy to welcome anyone newcomers to the sport. If you happen to pass by, go ahead and join in! They might give you team stickers, too.