Wow, hand-written typos. Sorry about that–apparently my English has been suffering more than I thought. Or I just wrote faster than my brain could think.

This was my experience with this particular school of tea, which was held in the Meimei-an. I’ve read about the tea ceremony, sure, but that doesn’t make me prepared for the practical elements of attending a ceremony–like the terrible embarrassment of not having brought my own utensils for partaking of the wagashi (confection).

Then again, I think I was placed towards the front of the room not only for my own viewing purposes, but perhaps for everyone’s amusement. The ceremonies during the Daichakai are for everyone to try out and experience different styles of tea, after all, so unlike ceremonies you might be personally invited to, there were 12~15 guests all being served tea by not only the host, but the host’s assistants. Given the occasion I think I was forgiven for not having any formal practice (most of my tea ceremony experience has been rather laid back an informal), but I’d like to change that while I’m living in a place with such a rich tea culture.