Looks like I’ll be eating 和食 (Japanese cuisine) for Christmas this year!

The typical Japanese way to celebrate Christmas is by eating Christmas Cake (a very pretty, very expensive sponge cake that doubles in size when you add whip cream and strawberries), which kids are very surprised to find out is not an American tradition (eating KFC on Christmas is also more a Japan-born tradition). I celebrated this year by doing four Christmas presentations, including one cooking class.

Unfortunately I cannot yet tell you what they taste like. Maybe next year.

I had my heart set on handing out candy canes to the kids at that one, but I soon discovered that candy canes are really, really hard to find in Japan, even at the import grocery store (at least I found chocolate coins there). I had hoped to see some closer to Christmas, but no such luck.

Thankfully there is a wonderful ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in the area who had the foresight to make a bulk order for her own students, and she was nice enough to give me enough to hand out as well. Sure, they aren’t essential, but it made cultural exchange just as little sweeter!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ll post a New Years greeting card next week!